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Swe-Thai Massage

Swe-Thai Massage

Swe-Thai Massage 1.5 hours $110

Thai Massage has been around for over 2000 years. It is an ancient healing art form where the therapist balances the energy channels of the body. The philosophical theory of Thai massage is based on the life energy (Prana) channels, and the belief that a person’s health and wellbeing depends on the balance of this life energy. Life energy in Thai massage, is called “Prana”, which means “the wind of life”. An obstruction in the flow of Prana can cause discomfort or illness to a person.

Thai massage helps immensely in removing blockages that could obstruct the energy flow.

In Thai massage pressure is applied along these energy channels in combination with medicinal herbal balls or a hammer (Tok Sen) to relieve common ailments.

Swe-Thai massage is a combination of Swedish and Thai massage done in the table.